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Why hello there & welcome to my little wonderful world of photo & video, Based in Melbourne Australia, I adore working with unique, quirky and delightfully happy couples providing an intimate & candid story. Luckily, these couples tend to have exceptionally fun weddings.
Specializing in laid back, chill vibes & a cinematic style Photography & Videography, the connection between you, the couple & not the connection with the camera ensures that your wedding photos are full of fun and laughter & nothing but good memories.

Why Photography?

A person’s individual personality really tends to shine through when it comes to photography, both during the session, and well after photographing them. Peeling back a person’s layer through photos can have an incredible effect and reveal true emotions and feelings. The right picture can do just that.

Why Videography?

People’s true emotions come out on film & is not something that can be shined away from, Video has an effect that is different to photos & can really bring back those warm fuzzy feelings when engaging is a movie session. Watching a couple for the first time watch their film for the first time is a feeling I’ll never be tired of.

Why Weddings?

It brings great joy to me & everyone else a part of the day every time I see a marrying. I’m deeply honoured to be chosen as a wedding Photographer/Videographer, because there is truly no day that is more special, loving, and full of cherishable moments that I feel so lucky to be a part of each and every time.