Why Photography?

A person’s individual personality really tends to shine through when it comes to photography, both during the session, and well after photographing them. Peeling back a person’s layer through photos can have an incredible effect and reveal true emotions and feelings. The right picture can do just that.

Why Videography?

People’s true emotions come out on film & is not something that can be shined away from, Video has an effect that is different to photos & can really bring back those warm fuzzy feelings when engaging is a movie session. Watching a couple for the first time watch their film for the first time is a feeling I’ll never be tired of.

Why Weddings?

It brings great joy to me & everyone else a part of the day every time I see a marrying. I’m deeply honoured to be chosen as a wedding Photographer/Videographer, because there is truly no day that is more special, loving, and full of cherishable moments that I feel so lucky to be a part of each and every time.



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Dream it…. Capture it…. Live it….

"Wedding photographer" can be such a broad term.
I am not a photographer, I am a story teller. The magic of storytelling combined with all the love, connections of life long friends, cheers, smiles and all the fun that can be had on this adventure of a wedding day is what i’m proud to call my art.

Welcome to my little wonderful world of photo & video, Based in Melbourne Australia, I adore working with unique, quirky and delightfully happy couples providing an intimate & candid story.

I believe that your photographer/videographer is a key ingredient in creating a relaxed and fun environment that helps bring out your true genuine expressions, all while capturing the life of your wedding day and your authentic personality! I love to take risks and shoot those angles that no one else would or experiment with lighting and posing to create something truly unique to you and your wedding day.
My name is Jacob, and I am a Travel Addict, thrill seeker & donut connoisseur who is always having the time of my life with a camera in hand, because i’m truly passionate about what I do.
Working in partnership with
SONY AUSTRALIA, I plan to make your day as close to perfection as possible.

Specialising in laid back, chill vibes & a cinematic style in Photography & Videography, The connection between you, the couple & not the connection with the camera ensures that your wedding photos & video are full of fun and laughter & nothing but good memories.