Frequently Asked Questions


How do we contact you?
Either use the contact form on this website, or email me at

Where are you located?

Where can we find your other photography work?
By clicking the 'portfolio' tab or going to my instagrams

Do you travel?
I have a big travel bug and would love to travel to you for your wedding! I do not charge for travel in Victoria however If you want me for a wedding interstate, or overseas, that’s wonderful and exciting, send me an email and we can chat about it :) 

Booking your date
I require a $800 deposit per package to secure your wedding booking. This amount is not refundable in the event of cancellation. Your wedding date will not be 100% secured until deposit is paid and invoices are sent. 

When do I pay the rest of the amount?
The remaining cost is required on the week of the event.

What equipment do you own?
I own the following: Sony A7RIII, A7III, 70-200 2.8 GM, 24-70 2.8 GM, 85mm 1.4 GM, Zeiss 1.8 50mm, Zeiss 1.8 24mm, 25mm Macro and other additional accessories. 
I have a 27’’ iMac, and an additional 15’’ Macbook Pro.

Do you have a backup camera?
I shoot with two cameras so I don't miss a thing when changing lenses. It also means I have a backup on me at all times. 

Can we meet you before we book you?
Absolutely! Lets have a coffee and discuss any ideas or questions you might have. If you're too busy or live in a remote area - I am also happy to Facetime.

Do you use a second shooter? 
Depending on the package.

My friend/collegue/family member is trying to built a portfolio, can they photograph the wedding too? 
It’s nice to have family members and friends take photos, but if they get in my way it can be very frustrating for you, and for me! In the end I want to take the most beautiful pictures I can, and I only have a set amount of time to do it in. The moments in weddings that are the best can happen in a few seconds – and if I miss it, then you miss out on getting the photos!

When should we have the wedding meeting?
When your Day sheet is ready :)

How many photos will we get?
Generally around 500+ I like to think I am more quality over quantity

How long should we allow for bridal party photos?
Ideally I would like an hour to two hours with your bridal party (not including travel or family photographs). This allows for a wide array of shots and allows for everyone to become comfortable in front of the camera. 

How long should we allow for family photos? 
Approximately 45 minutes to an hour should be fine. After the ceremony is the best time to do this, as everyone is there and ready to go. For bigger families, more time may be required!

How long will it take for me to receive the images?
Approximately six to eight weeks.

How long will it take for me to receive the Video?
Approximately six to eight weeks.

It is the day of my wedding and I have decided I need a longer session, what do I do? 
I try to be as flexible as possible with my time, especially for weddings! Just talk to me on the day and we will work something out. 

I don’t know how to pose? I’m going to look awkward! 
Posing seems incredibly daunting, I know, but you will manage! I have worked with many beginners– in fact there aren't many couples who have had professional photos/video taken before their wedding. I like to make the photo shoot time as fun and relaxed as possible - if things get stale, i have a posing deck of cards we can bring out :)

Should we provide a meal at reception for Jacob?
During your wedding day, I am on my feet the whole time, running around like a mad thing to make sure I get all the photos. It’s extremely tiring and my energy wears thin as the day goes on! As a result it is a requirement (and hugely appreciated) that I get some sort of food if I am there when everyone else is eating.

Any dietary requirements?
I eat everything

What are edited/retouched images?
All of your images will be retouched, which involves colour toning, contrast, brightness, sharpening and other editing processes.

If you request extensive editing such as replacing full backgrounds, removing large, complicated objects or anything that requires far more work than usual, an additional fee may be required.

What are colour graded videos?
Like photos, your video will be colour graded ensuring all clips are matching as lighting can vary from shot to shot. There is a lot more work that goes into video with sound, movement audio recordings ect.

Can I edit the images/video myself?

In short, no. The images represent me as a brand, and having anyone else edit them takes away from that. If you have any additional editing requirements let me know and I will help you out. 

How do I receive the finished images? 
The finished images will be sent to you digitally in two sizes. Smaller files (for online use) and larger files (for printing). I send them all to your address on a USB in a branded wooden box.

What format will I receive the photos in?
High-resolution jpegs (for printing) and medium-resolution jpegs (for online) 

What about printing?
I am more than happy to organize printing for you. Just let me know what you are after. Alternatively, you are welcome to print yourself, as many times as you like. I don’t believe anyone should have a limit on their wedding photos. Go crazy! 

What about Albums?
I now do albums! When we have our met & greet please ask for me to bring a sample album & we can discuss pricing depending on what you would like. 

If I haven’t answered your questions, please let me know! 
I look forward to filming or photographing your big day!