The Best Travel Drone - Tech Review


In my opinion, the DJI Mavic Air is still the best travel drone for 2019! 
Mavic Air

Heres why.

Previously owning the Mavic pro, being slightly bulkier and heavier than iIhad hoped, the Mavic Air is still first to go in my camera bag when planning a more adventurous trip & my go to for weddings. The Mavic Air's ratio between quality and portability is incredible and I wanted to share 5 things I love about it and why I highly recommend it as your drone of choice whilst travelling this year.

1 - Portability. The Mavic Air folds down into a tiny package taking up about the same amount of room as a mirrorless camera body in my bag. The controller was also the first DJI Drone to have removable thumb sticks making it sleek and easy to fit in any small gap in your bag. It’s also incredibly fast to open up and prepare to fly, the gimbal clip fits effortlessly and less fiddly than the Mavic Pros.

2 - Quality. The video quality in 4K 24fps and 30fps is crystal clear and sharp. When the lighting is right, I am blown away by how the shots turn out.

3 - Quickshot Features. At the touch of a button the Mavic Air can get perfect circling and swooping shots of a subject. It uses its GPS to automatically fly around and film the chosen subject. This feature is the one I use the most when filming for my work & adventures.

4 - 360 Panoramic photo and video mode. This mode allows you to create the tiny planet effect. Once saved on your phone, you can manipulate the image much like the gopro fusion, twisting and turning the image until you find a framing you like. I love this mode because the quality of the photos are amazing because it stitches around 15 single images together to create 1.

5 - Sport Mode. Because race drone!

Overall this drone is a professional pocket rocket and i highly recommend it for your travels this year. Hopefully some of the readers out there enjoyed this quick blog post, i will be doing a couple more throughout the year to update you on camera gear that i highly recommend. Thanks!


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