Expedition.... Happiness

First of all let me say thank you for checking out my lifestyle & travel blog. My name is Jacob & it will be here where I will be letting you guys know my current adventure & my exploration of this big beautiful world we live in.

I am now dedicated to the enjoyment & adventure & I hope you guys will follow me along the way on this journey that I have now found myself on. I am not much of a writer so bare with me and I promise I'll do better the more I grow.


My Fresh Beginning....

A very wise man once said to me "Don't think about it too much, just do it". Little did I know these words would have such an impact. I sought for a lot of answers towards the end of last year, my photography & cinematography had really started to take off yet I wanted something more permanent. In November 2017 I saw an opportunity arise to fly to Bali in January to learn the ins & outs of social media & to further enhance my skills as a photographer with the Institute of Code. Learning with the best in the industry (Including my photography idol Renee) while also stopping in to all the amazing destinations Bali has to offer. My biggest gripe with this was the cost & thats where I contacted who I consider a good friend, a life mentor & a successful person "Matt Prince" & spoke those wise words to me. Matt & I caught up again in Thailand over the New year & again he filled my head with nothing but positive vibes & a wealth of information. I don't think there is any substitute for knowledge & unless you are investing in yourself then what is the point! It turned out it was one of the best decisions I've ever made, the direction it put me on & knowledge it gave me was second to none, I would recommend this to anyone looking to take the same path. 


FNEZ Round Stamp Sticker 2016.png

So where to now......

After my previous trips with Free & Easy Travel I am now proud to say I will officially join this company as a Tour leader/Photographer/Videographer come April 22nd. My travels will see me through a lot of South East Asia where I plan to document each trip through my blogs (The Life of a Tour Guide), the people i meet along the way, the culture of each destination, best places to see & of course through my photography & video content. 

The way I would describe this company is..... Think Top Deck/Contiki CANADIAN style! There is a reason they are known to be some of the nicest people on earth & this tour company is no different. A relaxed chilled out vibe with plenty of adventure & now..... a dash of Aussie flavour. 

Anybody looking to say stuff it & fly to palm tree paradise do not hesitate to contact me & I will gladly fill you in on the adventures they have to offer. 

Code - Jacobhestonvibes for a sneaky discount when booking.

So here we go! Can't wait to express to everyone my adventures around the world & lets see where I end up. Melbourne I will miss you, you are without a doubt the most liveable city in the world "voted 4 years running" but its time.

Don't step off the beaten path, create your own!   

Courtesy of "Blondieandbeardo"