Experience The IOC

Everything I have learned & been thrown into at the end of 2017 & beginning of 2018 has been nothing short of scary, sometimes overwhelming, exciting & the unknown! But I am absolutely pumped for it..... It began at the IOC

What is the IOC?


The IOC "Institute of Code" is a social media, web development & photography school based in Bali's Canggu. Bali I have since learned seems to be the hub for all artistic, influencer creative type people so the setting is quite a natural fit for the school. It is founded by a team of people who each have a range of knowledge based on each of their particular skill set. The beauty of that also is where they lack in a resume, they personally fly influencers & photographers from around the world to also conduct in the course & fill you in on the ways they conduct business. Set in a relaxed & beautiful quiet villa away from the "bursting at the seams" tourist hot spots usually experienced in Bali it is a working/experience/holiday all in one & the beauty of it all is that there is no experience required in order to understand this content. They start from ground zero.


When I first came across this opportunity I didn't really know what to think. I felt my photo skills were pretty on point already, had a good grasp on the social media side of things & I felt it was expensive. Luckily for me, I was in touch with now friend Renee Hahnel, she filled in a lot of blanks for me & ultimately encouraged me to book away. I figured if it's no good I have least met my favourite world photographer & that is an experience nobody can take away....... How wrong was I



From day one I knew I had made the right decision. I made quick friends with the "Phone guy" still don't know his actual role title haha. But none the less Terry was a great guy, he made me feel comfortable straight away and the rest was history..... The rest of the crew made things very easy & made sure we were accommodated at all times, from food to knowledge I personally didn't have one issue over the 12 days I was there. Emilio "Eyes of a nomad" the photo guru, along with the other mentors there really helped shaped my photography, showed me a lot of tips and tricks I didn't know of & really helped me add that final layer I didn't know I was missing. With many adventures along the way (every 2nd day) we really got to experience everything Bali has to offer, from sunrises to the epic destinations that you always see on the famous Instagram pages.

But...... the biggest piece for me personally was learning how to use & implement these techniques.

  • + Advanced Instagram Growth
  • + Advanced Facebook Marketing
  • + Growing Traffic through SEO
  • + Creating Engaging, Shareable Blog Content
  • + Using Pinterest to gain targeted followers
  • + How to establish yourself as a thought leader
  • + Advanced strategies to grow your email list
  • + Cultivating your Personal branding
  • + Creating Social Media Strategies & Content Calendar
  • + The latest software to create, schedule and share your content
  • + Photography & Photo Editing (iPhone or DSLR)
  • + Creating Beautiful Social Media Graphics
  • + How to find clients for freelance work
  • + Turning your audience into an income
  • + How to scope, price, and manage client projects
  • + Most importantly self development & how to make money from it all. 


What I learned....

If it feels right, do it! There is no substitute for knowledge & it is ok to invest in yourself if it's for the right intentions. Pursue your dreams, make connections, walk with faith, stay the course & you can make it!

Anyone looking to get involved in this course whether it be for web coding development or Social media & photography please ask away & I'll gladly assist to the best I can. Money well spent.

I have been so busy since being home & with plenty of upcoming work ahead..... I say thank you IOC.

Heres to the next adventure.....