2019... Make. Believe

I’m back!
I have been a little absent in regards to blogs this past year. Here is a little update for you……


Here I am at 29 years of age… I have traveled to over 32 countries. I have spent most of my life working the 9-5, I always felt I was destined for more then that but never really had the courage to go for it. 2018 something sparked for me, a light bulb went off if you will. I spent a fair chunk of last year traveling around Asia with Free & Easy Travel & arrived back in Australia around August. My Step dad had a heart attack, my family were kicked out of their rental as the forever home was still not finished being built & I arrived back with no job & a whole heap of $$$ down.
I felt all the momentum I had gathered at the beginning of the year was lost, but with no regrets as I had done some amazing travel, met some amazing people & snapped some amazing photographs along the way.

heres to the incredible.

Rolling into 2019 my year started to take a turn, within 3 months I found myself with a new more affordable car, a new home, a new Job, a new partner in crime & my photography business was starting to pick up again. The more work that came in the more I got motivated & the ball got rolling. I have invested my life’s savings into this crazy passion of mine & it was here, right now, where it has all began to pay off. From numerous weddings, being featured in SAME SAME magazine & Canon articles, calls from brands such as Volkswagon & Oztrail Australia, little did I know that the best one was right around the corner……


The year kicked off with a trip to Uluru, We learnt about Australian culture, saw the incredible sights by land & by air & ate some good old fashion bush tucker, all the while making the most every sunrise & sunset opportunity. I recommend the red centre to everyone who has Australian travel on their list. It’s a special spot & it absolutely is the heart of Australia. Since being back & settling in to the year that is 2019 I received a call……..

I am SUPER proud to announce that I have officially been selected to be a part of the SONY DIGITAL IMAGING ADVOCATE program for 2019. That’s right… SONY!
What does this mean exactly?

I guess you could say i’m officially part of the Sony family, representing Sony at events as a Sony advocate, appearances and presentations…. are just some of the things I will be covering & overall giving out as much information as I possibly can.

So far it has been a challenging but amazing journey. Bring on more blogs, bring on more photos, bring on more adventures & bring on more learning! Everyone has different passions & I have certainly found mine. Thank you Sony for this amazing opportunity, I am immensely proud to represent your brand & I cannot wait for what the future holds. Special mention to The IOC, Renee, Free & Easy, Allie & Max, definitely coulnt have made this possible without these people in my life.

Sponsored by Sony.