How the A7 series stepped up my photography game!

My current workhorse & the camera that really changed the game for me is the A7RIII, but is it worth the investment?..... More on that soon.....


Over the past 3 years, I have gradually worked my way up the Alpha line with the more experience I got. Kind of like a car, I believe you shouldn't get a $60000 vehicle as your first car. You get an A to B good reliable car till you learn the in's & outs of what's required in owning your first car & then upgrade from there.


Throughout Africa I used a Sony A5000, it was a camera I adored, it was so small & the quality was great for its size. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the greatest of zoom lenses which is a MUST through Africa as the wildlife there is absolutely incredible.


I got home & upgraded to the A6000. This is the camera I recommend to anybody looking to first make the jump into the photography world. This camera is high in MP, small & robust & absolutely packs a punch in quality, especially when paired up with a good lens.

This camera was my baby for a long time till I decided to gather interest in Videography. It was here I made the switch again to a camera I still have to this day & absolutely swear by. The Beast that is the A6500.


This camera had everything the 6000 has plus more.

120fps in 1080 for that buttery smooth slow motion, small & compact + a touchscreen. This camera has been my main up until 2 months ago. In between that time I was experimenting with secondary cameras as I had done a lot of research into the Sony full frame market. I bought an A7SII, which was great but lacked on the photo side of things. The A7RII which again was great but lacked on the video side of things. I was torn between which camera to have & was seriously considering buying 3 cameras for my stable (Ridiculous I know).

Flashback to two months ago.

Sony announced the mother of all cameras, the A&RIII. It supposedly had a lot of improvements over the previous version. Off I went on my endless you-tube binging & googling on what features had been improved & if I could benefit from the upgrade. I went off to Bali to enhance my skills even more & boom. There was Renee my favourite photographer with the holy grail on the table next to her. Seeing the quality from her images was enough to sell it for me, the learning curve & excitement of having this camera as soon as I got back to Melbourne would soon follow……



My five favourite features of this beast of a camera.



1 - 42 megapixels

Megapixels aren't everything, but boy it helps. I can effectively use my 24-70mm as a 70-200 because my quality is lost when I post crop my images. It is a lifesaver & it really does show some serious resolution in the images it produces.

2 - 120 fps

YESSSSSS the video, finally a camera that can do both! This next to its little baby brother the 6500 is the perfect combo for me, especially when it comes to filming weddings etc.

3 - Battery life

The effectively tripped the power from all those other cameras. It was a bit of a pain switch batteries as I have 12 of the old ones at my disposal. BUT I can use one of these throughout an entire day & still be left with juice. It is amazing!

4 - Eye Autofocus

This camera has a button on the back that if you hold, will find the eye of your subject & specifically focus on that making sure their face is always in perfect focus. Never EVER do you have to worry about nailing focus ever again. It's scary impressive

5 - Photos at 10fps & that touchscreen
Other then the A9 this is one of the fastest cameras on the market. Kids or animals moving in your shot? This camera nails it with ease.


Bottom line.

The Sony A7RII & the even newer released A7III (virtually the same but with half the megapixels) are the cream of the crop when it comes to cameras. People will argue that canons have a better color science to them & in some cases, I actually agree. But what I say to everyone, once you go mirrorless you'll never go back. Sony is ahead of the game & have just overtaken Nikon to be the second biggest camera in the world. That's a brand that’s making some pretty good cameras if you ask me.

One tip.

Don't ignore lenses. They are what transform your photos from mediocre images into professional looking shots. Get the blurry bokeh happening, get those rich colors & sharpness happening with anything Zeiss & if you can afford it the G Master collection. I do not recommend buying a camera with the standard kit lens it comes with. Sooner buy the body only & invest in a good decent lens to begin with. The Sony 24-70 Zeiss is a great option!

Sony alpha for the win!