About Jacob


Official Front Cover

Geelong/Bellarine tourism booklet 2018

As a self taught Photographer/Videographer, I am extremely proud of how far I have come & what I have achieved in such a short period of time. I have had people put a lot of faith in me & really helped shape & mould me into the camera man I am today. I grew up with my father working for the West in Perth, Western Australia so ever since I was a boy I always had a camera on me or around me. This eventually grew into a passion for me the older I got & now, my camera never leaves my side!
I have been working for Free & Easy Travel, creating & capturing moments of people & places in their happiest mindset for 2018 but my true passion is right here in Melbourne Australia. Taking photos & filming everything this beautiful country has to offer & the people along with it. I hope this fills you in on a little of who I am & hopefully has us working together one day...........


Where i’ve been


What I have Achieved

  • Front cover of the Geelong/Bellarine tourism booklet

  • Over 500k views for Phillipines travel video

  • Multiple tourism videos for travel companies

  • Editing & Partnership with the world renown "Renee Roaming"

  • Weddings

  • Photo/Video/Leadership Partnership with Free & Easy Travel

  • Nightclub Photography